Moms defense against Fast Food: Video Sarah Pope

I love this new video from Sarah Pope and had to pass it along! Brilliant Sarah! I’d add bringing a favorite healthy snack or food that gives your child an alternative, although often times the toy is all they really wanted anyway.
Another fun idea might be to turn that smile on the happy meal into a sad mouth with a marker pen. Anything to put an image counterproductive to what those advertisers have tried to imbed into our kids.
Good luck, Moms! And stay healthy.

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Progress with my Damon Braces: Video

Thanks again for checking in on my progress with my Damon Braces, friends. Here’s the fifth video I’ve made and it talks about a few other things I’m involved in.

Thanks for watching!

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FDA reverses 30 year promise to get antibiotics out of animal feed

photo credit: David DeHetre

photo credit: David DeHetre

The FDA has wiggled out of it’s stated intention, since 1977, of removing the use of low level antibiotics added to confinement animal feed. This practice is banned in Europe.

The idea behind adding a constant low dose of, let’s say tetracycline, is really just a tool to add weight and size to young animals. It is done by many farmers, even without the advise of a vet.

Why is this a bad idea for humans? Super resistant super bugs are being created by the overuse of antibiotics. Heaven forbid, you or a family member truly needs an antibiotic–perhaps, you picked up lyme disease over the summer–antibiotics may not work. This is a very real danger caused by overuse of antibiotics in livestock and humans.

This, perhaps, will be the final straw for those on the fence whether to search out organic, pastured meats. Know your farmer. Know your food.

Watch video by clicking purple link below.



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Radioactive tissue boxes and thyroid cancer: video

toxic waste

Here’s a great video from Mike Adams of discussing radioactive tissue boxes bought at Bed Bath and Beyond (that’s not a joke) and Thyroid Cancer’s high rise. If you’re wondering why, a hint might be Fukashima. Start downing iodine folks and enjoy the video.


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Sheriff supports life, liberty, pursuit of happiness and raw milk!

Raw milk's new hero!

Sheriff Brad Rogers of Elkhart County, Indiana has not only stood up for the Constitution, but he was a hero of raw milk. Reading this article (click here for article) seems to elicit jumping off of one’s chair and screaming ‘yipee’. Dramatic, yes, but with all the mind numbing info coming out of the raw milk freedom camps in recent months this is a very, very exciting shift.

The conflict between the local and federal authorities came to a head two weeks ago when Hochstetler was summoned to testify before a federal grand jury in Detroit. He declined to appear, invoking his 5th Amendment right. Sheriff Rogers also notified the Justice Department attorney that if FDA agents tried to inspect Hochstetler’s farm without a signed warrant, they would be arrested on trespassing charges.

Since then the federal subpoena for Hochstetler has been withdrawn, according to Rogers.

The sheriff sees his action as protecting a local Amish resident, who he called “an honest man,” from being harassed by federal officials.

“The thing is that if the FDA agents come in and they meet with the farmer and the farmer wants them to come in, I don’t have a problem with that,” Rogers said. “But in this case Mr. Hochstetler did not want the agents there. This is an administrative rule of the federal government and I think people are tired of the federal government walking all over everybody and it is time to take a stand for states’ rights.” Click here for full article.

Sheriff Rogers has set a precedence and will, with great hope, wake up the same sense of righteousness in other Sheriffs in our nation.“This isn’t about raw milk,” Rogers said. “It’s about fundamental rights.” It is something raw milk activists and bloggers have been saying for years.

This video features Sheriff Richard Mack, who succinctly will open your eyes to a hidden power in our Republic. Sheriffs hold a power, in some instances, greater than the President of the United States–which ever new puppet is in the pulpit.

I hope that this article gives you all some hope and realization that many are waking up and many are rising up.

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Organic Pastures shut down: framed by California regulators













Once again, Organic Pastures has been shut down, due to being framed by California regulators trying to pin E. Coli contamination on the raw dairy.

Click here to read full article on event.

Organic Pastures has an extremely detailed protocol used to ensure safe and delicious natural milk. Click here to see the protocol.

This system could not possibly allow milk to leave this farm while being contaminated with E. Coli. Just using the words ‘E. Coli’ is enough to drop major doubt on any raw milk dairy, but that is the hidden purpose.

A global takeover on our food system is under way, and destroying raw milk dairies, by any means necessary, is what is being perpetrated currently. Click here to read about this takeover.

If you have been perceptive, you’ll notice that E. Coli has been in the mainstream media consistently over the last couple of years. It has always been connected with vegetables, like spinach, however, it has been used to scare the public into allowing more regulations regarding our food safety–Food Bill s510.

What a coincidence that E. Coli was the contaminant used to frame Organic Pastures.





Great to hear this has happened so quickly. They had test results that proved their milk was innocent and just as amazing as before being framed! Way to go Organic Pastures!!



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Another look at saturated fats that may save your life: video

scrambled with hashbrowns

Are you another scared rabbit that follows the ill found dogma of a low fat diet and believes saturated fats are the devil incarnate? This video is for you!

Know someone else who is following this goes-against-reason and goes-against-human-history diet? Do them a favor and forward this video to them: it could save their life!

So many functions in our body depend on enough saturated fat. Brain and nerve tissue, sex and stress hormone and vitamin D, and even laser hair removals are just some of the reasons to eat the way humans have been eating for centuries. Children are frighteningly affected by a low fat diet, and, yet, almost all the refrigerators that I’ve opened, of family and friends, have the tell tale sign of this brainwashing: 1%, 2% or skim milk!

Gosh, do you all not realize you’re stealing from your children?

The chart showing butter consumption plummeting and heart disease and cancer following the opposite trend is both telling and very sad. How can we see the truth all around us, in the obese and sick (the video talks about “diabesity”, that says it all), and still blame animal fats? Easily: every TV show, every movie, every book, every doctor, every medical center, every scientist and, even our schools have been repeating this trash for as long as we all can remember.

Watch the video. It can be viewed as encouraging: if this doctor has stepped away from the sheeple, then others are sure to follow. Use your common sense, folks, there are many things that just don’t add up. This is a biggie.

Now go fry an egg in lots of butter and throw out the low fat garbage milk for something wholesome and whole. Your cell membranes will thank you.

P.S. This great video came way of Raine Saunders. Check out her web at

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A typical GMO, chemical, toxic food shop

Sometimes, we all need some humor about the nasties (GMOs, chemicals, toxins and MSG) in our food. Sadly, there is truth in humor, and no more so than in this video.

Guaranteed to have you nodding your head, screaming, ‘right!’, during the whole thing.

NWO Supermarket

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Effects of Food Bill S510 starting to show

Remember that creepy little Food “Safety” Bill, S510, that so many bloggers tried to turn the tides on back in 2010? It’s heee-re!

An article I wrote back then covered the issues that could happen if we let this thing pass.

Food Bill S510

certainly has made a lot of people very nervous. Blogs and websites abound with a kind of hysteria unprecedented by a food bill. This one comes with good reason, folks: S510 gives a future government agency (not yet created, but to be overseen by former attorney for

Monsanto, Michael Taylor, who implemented rBGH and unregulated genetically modified organisms) unlimited control and power over all US seed, food supplements, food and farming.

This new agency, under the rule of the Homeland Security Agency, will impose strict mandates for all farms to be industrialized, implementing GMO’s, antibiotics, hormones, pesticides and the like to become the standard of operation. This goes against the safe and healthful practices of small, organic farmers, who do not use any of those substances.

NAIS, an animal traceability program, threatens small farmers and ranchers raising heritage breeds of animals and plants. The government would now have the power to simply wipe out entire fields or herds due to “rumors” of disease, with no need for proof. The elimination of biodiversity, for both plant and animal, benefits companies like Monsanto, that hold patents for genetically engineered substitutes. This practice has devastating potential for our food supply, but the monetary interests seem to overrule commonsense on this issue.

The Tester-Hagan Amendment gives hope to some that it will protect the small farmer from this bill; however, loopholes, rules and massive paperwork threaten to overwhelm small farmers. Without adequate funds to support a workforce, designated for the sole purpose of dealing with these new details, small farmers simply will not be able to compete.

So does S510 affect your right to farm at home; sell or trade to your neighbor; or buy at the *farmer’s market? The bill, as written, gives the power to do just that. Time will tell how this issue will evolve. Perhaps a better question may be: has this kind of intervention ever proven positive before?

Here’s an excerpt from an article on today:

The agenda of the

Canada-U.S. Regulatory Co-operation Council was quietly announced in February 2011, putting explicit focus on the implementation of theU.S. Food Safety Modernization Act requirements under the larger Perimeter Security and Economic Competitive agenda. That nightmarish legislation was heavily criticized for a new authority it grants the US government over the right to grow, trade and transport foods of any kind.

In other words, it is poised to boost the reach of Big Agra and biotech firms at the expense of small farmers and ordinary people.

Now, under the new Obama-Harper deal, Canada, too, would accept this tyranny over food.

Specifically, the Canada-U.S. Regulatory Cooperative Council (under “free” trade) would establish a joint review process for pre-market GMO approval, establish a policy for the acceptance and export of LLPs (Low-Level Presence contamination of genetically modified foods bans in country of export) and recommends eliminating mandatory country of origin labeling, and more.

Seems this all ties in to the plans to create a North American Union of The US, Canada and Mexico. Now our food policies can go completely corrupt Canada, as well.

It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad, mad world, kids. And it’s all run by Monsanto. Honk if you like GMOs.


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Check out Nourishing Nation: real politics in our nation

Comfortably NumbI’ve been moving on a new current the last few months. Slowly but surely, I have woken up to the many “stories” going on behind the scenes to what has been making America, and the world, tick for longer than I was aware.

My search has lead me to connect the dots on why our food system is so darn messed up. In fact, for me, learning about the elite groups working behind the scenes made sense of everything.

This newfound information needed a place to go: Nourishing Nation was born. I’ll keep posting all the goodies about real food, braces and raw feeding pups on this site, and the new site will be loaded up with all my absolutely intriguing findings.

  • Who’s behind the financial disaster we’re in?
  • Was it by design?
  • Who stands to gain from this?
  • What’s being put into our environment….and why? (Hint: it has something to do with our skies).
  • Why is the FDA attacking the real food movement so vehemently?

I think it will be quite an interesting journey, and I hope you’ll take that ride with me. Besides, my family is getting tired of listening to me rant, but you….you need somewhere to rant, too!

Come check out Nourishing Nation!

This post is part of Monday Mania at The Healthy Home Economist!

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Gluten sensitivity and the GAPS diet

sunflower cake

Here’s an article on Dr. Mercola’s site that talks about gluten sensitivity and the GAPS diet. It is reported here that a substance called gliadin and WGA (wheat germ agglutinin) in wheat and grains like rice, spelt and rye, are what is antagonizing the symptoms of ADHD. WGA is classified as a lectin, that seems to be responsible for all the ill effects of grains.

Lectins, unfortunately, are not effected by sprouting or fermenting grains. As Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride points out, our immune system is directly connected to our gut health: if our gut health is jeopardized, grains can cause lots of problems.

On the GAPS diet, grains are kept out of the diet to allow the intestinal tract to heal. Dr. Mercola’s article suggests keeping out the gluten rich grains and allowing ones like rice, corn (obviously non-GMO), quinoa and some others (see article) to see if this helps. Perhaps that is something a parent with a child suffering from ADHD can try first to see if it has any beneficial effect.




Dr. Mercola’s article gives some great suggestions, just keep in mind that healthy animal fats (from pastured animals) are an integral part of healing: Dr. Mercola suggests lean proteins. That is not a suggestion I, or Dr. Campbell McBride, would advise.

Note: the photo at the top is of a Sunflower Cake I made from the GAPS diet book, “Internal Bliss”. It was amazing! Here’s the recipe.

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A global attack on raw milk

photo by David DeHetre

photo by David DeHetre

The attack on raw milk is on a global scale. According to an article by Sarah Pope of The Healthy Home Economist, Ireland is now working to enforce a ban on raw milk that would be country wide.

Proving that de facto corporate control of community foodways using the government as its hired thug is not just the purview of North America, Ireland has moved to ban all raw milk sales by the end of 2011.

This shocking development appears to be in response to an enormous and rapid surge in the sales of unpasteurized dairy since late 2010 when Irish dairy farmers realized the full implication of a 2007 European Union directive that actually superceded an Irish ban on raw milk sales by the Department of Agricultural Fisheries and Food (DAFF) in 1996.

Read the entire article

An attack on raw milk is not a safety issue; this can not be shouted loudly enough.

The reason for a global attack on raw milk is to stop people from producing food for themselves. It is that simple and that evil.

Raw milk allows a farmer to produce milk and ask a decent price for it. It is sold directly to the customer, with no corporate hand tying involved.

Raw milk’s continued rapid growth in popularity is causing a bone crushingly strong reaction from our big corporations (connected to government, through organizations like the FDA).

The powers that be, in government, are pulling every dirty trick in the book to squelch this public interest in raw milk. They have to: how will we all be brought under the umbrella of corporate food, manufactured for us by GMO-loving, corporate beasts, like Monsanto?

Many people are waking up to this New World Order, being forced on us day by day, but many say it is just a conspiracy theory. I’m not sure how anyone can watch what is happening to our food supply and still call this a “theory”.

As Sarah Pope pointed out, it’s awfully interesting that this raw milk issue in Ireland is happening at the same time as a major change to one of the only grass fed butters available in our supermarkets: Kerrygold Butter. But hey, now you can buy Kerrygold in a low fat, pale yellow, nutrient deprived version. Coincidence? My spider senses say nay, or should that be moo?

This post is part of Real Food Wednesday at

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Letter to Dalton McGuinty: Michael Schmidt

glass of milk

I followed a link this morning posted by AnnMarie Michaels, from, posted on facebook to write an email to Premier Dalton McGuinty in Canada that sincerely requests that he meet with Michael Schmidt and allow the Canadian citizens access to natural (raw) milk.

I do believe that Michael Schmidt’s protest goes so deep into the issue of our freedom, that it demands our attention. I don’t believe that because this is happening outside of the US, it does not affect us.

Make no mistake: this is setting a precedent world wide, and Michael Schmidt knows it. So does Premier Dalton McGuinty.

If you are scratching your head wondering why there are so many recent attacks on this most natural and innocent of foods, you need look no further than the agenda of world government. Our choosing of a natural food, like raw milk, is creating a problem for this agenda: it is independence. In other words, we are a group of people that do not need a corporate conglomerate to feed ourselves. We have walked outside the grid, friends, and that is slowly being chipped away, or even ripped away at gun point, as was the case this summer in Los Angeles (Rawsome).

Our right to choose anything in our lives is being forcibly taken from us. Our children are forced to take vaccinations and it is reinforced by our school system; our right to real food is blocked time and time again and it is reinforced by an industrial agriculture; our right to travel and move about freely is encumbered and it is reinforced by a military/police state; our rights to natural supplements and vitamins is thwarted and it is reinforced by a pharmaceutical complex; and our rights to financial freedom is stolen through a non-federal Federal Reserve and international banking organizations.

This is a pivotal moment of our time, and I think we are right where we need to be. Although writing about this issue has it’s limitations, it is a tool, none the less. My letter this morning, email actually, seemed to come from a place I didn’t know I had. I seemed to channel one of our founding fathers, you might say, and out came the words to speak my peace.

The truth is, my choice of the best milk on the planet doesn’t have to be yours or anyone else’s choice. It’s about that freedom to make that choice. That is what we are standing up for.


Dear Premier Dalton McGuinty,

Are you aware yet, from all of the many emails you have undoubtedly received, that a farmer named Michael Schmidt has quite a strong desire to speak with you? I’m sure you are, and I must believe you think it better politically to ignore his request and his campaign, by starving himself, to right the wrong of your policy on raw milk.


I’m sure that your decision to keep your fellow Canadians from access to this most traditional food is one that comes from much higher up than most of us are privy to, however, that policy is so much more than access to a simple unadulterated food: it is food freedom incarnate. This is another point I’m willing to wage you are quite aware of.


So the question left to be answered is this: Do you or do you not believe in freedom? That is what this entire globe is questioning right now and you are at a pinnacle of it. Your choices today will affect that future. You will either stand up for the goodness of and in all people, or you will choose to turn your back on our fundamental right, God given, if you will: the freedom to choose what we eat.


Choose freedom, Sir. Become the person in history you’d like to be.


With Great Sincerity,


Nancy Piscatello


Link to email the Premier:


This post is part of Food Renegade’s Fight Back Friday! Click image for link.






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Can Genetically Modified Organisms cause sterility?


Genetically Modified Organisms, GMOs for short, are new to our food supply. The ability to genetically splice and change….anything is now, not only possible, but becoming quite common. Does that mean, however, that it is safe? And, have you thought about that before eating a bag of corn chips from the supermarket? Because if you’re eating those corn chips, you and your family are ingesting GMOs.

But you don’t eat corn chips, you say. How about anything processed? If that processed food contains dextrose, malt, even soy lecithin (soy is almost all genetically modified), it’s made from genetically modified organisms. The list of additives is extensive and, sadly, even, frighteningly, in literally everything in your local supermarket, or, even, your health food store. Today’s foods are loaded with GMOs, because corn and soy are placed in nearly every food item on the food shelves.

GMOs first entered our food supply in the 1990s (some info on that) and has increased, without being labeled as such, ever since. Not only have GMOs increased, but so have the reports on their deleterious effects and the whistleblowers, like Dr. Don M. Huber (his letter and article on sterility and miscarriages), to sound off the alarms.

Corn and soybeans are spliced with genes that allow them to resist harm from chemicals like Roundup, that are sprayed on the crops. They can also have genes that kills off pests, like mice, or, sometimes, accidentally, beneficial insects like ladybugs.

If a plant is bred to kill off insects and pests when eaten, what might that mean for us when we eat the plant? The reports, of animals becoming sterile and miscarrying (interesting article) after ingesting GMOs, are a chilling scenario that many fear is a canary-in-the-mine kind of indicator for our species.

Was this known by the producers of these GMOs (mostly Monsanto)? Some say that it was not only known, but planned. Watch this video from

The solution to GMOs, besides outlawing them outright? Organic! Buy organic: no GMOs are allowed in foods labeled organic. At least for the time being, that is the case (Monsanto is probably working on that already). Also, stay away from processed foods. Buying single, organic ingredients, and making them yourself, ensures a degree of safety from this major food experiment going rapidly wrong.

Joining organizations to stop GMOs or require labeling of such is also a great idea. Try the Weston A. Price Foundation for all kinds of helpful links.

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Update on my Damon Braces: Video!

Photo on 2011-10-18 at 11.31 #2

Finally! Took me awhile to post a video of my progress with the Damon System, but here it is. Thanks for checking in.

Watch Video: Nourishing Nancy 4

This post is part of Monday Mania at The Healthy Home Economist!


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I still believe in Santa Claus

Operation Santa Claus

Gosh, there are so many razor focused issues these days, that believing in Santa Claus seems just the right kind of rose-colored-glasses-feeling I wish I had access to again.

I’d like to believe that the reason the FDA fought for the latest Food “Safety” Bill was actually to make us safer; but then I find this same governmental agency trying to break farmers’ and consumers’ ties to each other by raiding raw milk co ops. They hide behind the guise of safety, however, the reality is that the stench of strong arm, mafia style shakedowns is the strongest aroma left lingering after their dictatorial presence.

I’d love to believe that our medical community is trying to heal us, but when our rights to choose to vaccinate or not, or to choose our own schedule for OUR children is met with questions pointed at those suspected of child abuse, I awaken to the fact that our doctors are no longer our family friends, like the country doctors of days past. (Read “Are Doctor’s the new big brother?”).

My heart wants to believe that a nice old man, named The Pope, who is calling for “greater ethics in economic policy” , is truly concerned about the welfare of the people of the world, until I read the article: “Benedict explored the theme more fully in his 2009 encyclical “Charity in Truth,” in which he called for a new world financial order guided by ethics, dignity and the search for the common good.” The plea is making the case for a new world banking system, a new one-world currency, and a global government. Sadly, it is not the good will one imagines coming from the head of a church.

This is the reality one sees once the visor is lifted: the one that kept you thinking that a fat guy in a fuzzy red suit delivered toys under your Christmas tree. Once the visor is lifted, you read the news differently; you watch movies with a new mindset; and you look at what our government and our appointed (?) officials are really doing.

My body, mind and soul wish for a government that is not about controlling us, but representing us; a school system that is not trying to dumb down our population, but encourage creativity and genius, in all it’s facets, in all of our children; a countryside that has not been turned into a cement industrialized corn maze, but a vista thriving with independent small farmers, making a wonderful living with artisan and nourishing foods; and a medical and scientific community that no longer thrives on drugs to keep us unhealthy, and instead embraces the vibrance of nature, and turns to it for the answers to our returned radiant health.

My Dad sent me an email with a quote that read something like: “What we focus on grows”. I’d like to make that garden grow….and grow and grow. Perhaps I’ll even send my list to Santa a bit early this year.

Photo by DVIDSHUB @ creative commons



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New York Times won’t use the words raw milk

glass of milk

According to sources through, the New York Times has not used the term “raw” milk since 2004 (Read article). The paper uses the word “unpasteurized” to describe milk that has been unprocessed. It is, without a doubt, a way to sway the readers of this paper into the belief that milk that is unpasteurized is, basically, unfinished or not complete.

The New York Times, along with many other establishment publications and news organizations, have not reported on the latest raid on small farmers at the Rawsome Farm in Los Angelos, California. It is hard to believe that any news organization would turn a blind eye to a swat team style raid in broad daylight to some small farmers in a town as public as Los Angelos, but not when one considers who might have something to lose from broadcasting this information: Big Agriculture and the FDA (the recently supercharged organization of food freedom nazis).

Independent or alternative news sources are, however, following this incident with great interest. It is, perhaps, THE food freedom issue of our time. What we chose to eat and drink is very political….and very powerful. When I and my family go and purchase our raw milk and other raw milk products from our local co op, I feel powerful: I am taking charge of my and my family’s health; I am saying NO to all the unhealthy processing that is done to milk (I’m also buying it grass fed NOT confinement, grain based), and YES to milk that is full of living enzymes, minerals and vitamins, that are stripped from processed milk, nourishing animal fats and the anti-stiffness effect of real milk; my actions speak louder than words to a government bent on taking away our choice to know what is healthy for us.

Raw milk, real milk, fresh milk, unprocessed milk, natural milk, milk straight from the cow: Whatever name chosen, it is an amazing health food that is in the throws of a battle of information and control. We the people (and I’m really loving that term lately) need to stand up to this kind of invasion. What freedoms are you willing to give up? My milk, fresh and real, is not one of them.

Read about the Rawesome Raid from last week!

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Another FDA raid on raw milk!

The Fun never ends, friends, as there’s been another FDA raid on natural, raw milk. This raid was perpetrated on August 3, 2011 in California at the Rawsome Farm. The attached video show this new form of terrorism as it is happening.

For those new to the raw milk scene, raw, meaning unpasteurized or fresh milk, is bought by many informed citizens of this country as a vital part of a truly healthy diet. Those buying raw milk do so through co ops and cow shares, where buying milk in it’s natural state is illegal in certain states.

[bubblecast id=303160 thumbnail=475x375 player=475x375]

New York State is one such state, and so I purchase my raw milk, raw cheese, raw sour cream and yoghurt through a co op. Our co op has been quiet, but I have no doubt that the new legal papers we in the club were asked to sign were a direct result of the fear farms are beginning to feel. That fear has everything to do with the new Food “Safety” Bill passed in December.

Here is another video from Mike Adams and Alex Jones that gives some up to the minute details of the raid and where the legalities stand at the moment.

[bubblecast id=303161 thumbnail=475x375 player=475x375]

By the way, in the first video, our own Anne Marie Michaels of Real Food Media is featured. So exciting to see her making some noise about this very serious issue. And, that is a major point to be made here: Raw milk IS a very serious issue. Not only is raw milk a nourishing food that informed citizens search out and spend their hard-earned cash on, but it is a symbol for the new type of government control that is being systematically forced upon on.

It is our human right to choose to eat what foods we consider healthy. No government should be telling us that we can not have a right to access it. I think this is not only a money issue (helping out Big Agriculture and the conventional Dairy Industry), but it is to assure that we are all on the same “food plan”, if you will. The food that is bought from the average grocery store is a processed mess of chemicals, genetically modified crops and non-nourishing, non-food garbage. It is systematically taking us down as a species. It is changing us: our bodies, our brains, even, our emotions.

If the government succeeds at taking away our only access to REAL food, then they have won on so many different levels. Now is the time to spread the word, friends. Share this information, this post and the videos; write your own blogs about it; support organizations, like the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund. The Weston A. Price Foundation is another wonderful organization that can help with keeping our food freedom alive.

We need these farms and farmers more than we know. I take that back: many of us do know, we’re just trying to wake the rest of the nation up! Wake up! Our freedoms are at stake! Raw milk=freedom. That sounds like a good one for a T-shirt.

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Ron Paul takes on the FDA over raw milk: Our freedom

raw milk

There is a revolution going on in this country, and raw milk and Ron Paul just may be at the forefront of it.

“If we are not even free anymore to decide something as basic as what we wish to eat or drink, how much freedom do we really have left?” contests Ron Paul.

This alarming concern and the recent raid on the Amish Farmer Dan Allgyer by the FDA, has prompted Ron Paul to put forth a House Bill known as HR 1830. It is to make legal the interstate sale of unpasteurized milk and milk products that are for human consumption.

Raw milk, referred to as fresh or real milk in real food communities, has gained a popularity that seems to have drawn the interference, and outright attack, of the FDA due to the organizations claims that it is unsafe for humans to drink.

As stated in The New American: “Even if the FDA were correct in its assertions about the dangers of raw milk, its prohibition on interstate raw milk sales would still be, as Paul termed it, ‘an unconstitutional misapplication of the commerce clause for legislative ends’ …

Saying he is ‘outraged’ by the FDA’s raids on peaceful dairy farmers and their customers, Paul has introduced legislation … ‘to allow the shipment and distribution of unpasteurized milk and milk products for human consumption across state lines,’ in effect reversing the FDA’s unconstitutional ban on such sales.”

via Ron Paul vs. the FDA Raw Milk Police.

We as consumers have the right to choose what we deem healthy, don’t you think? Even if you agree with the FDA on this issue of the safety of unpasteurized milk, I’d advice you to do some research on the benefits of this wonderful food, but I would still also remind you that this issue is not really about which milk you or anyone else chooses to drink: it is about our FREEDOM in our own country to make that choice for ourselves.

The Farmer-to-Consumer-Legal-Defense-Fund is a wonderful organization that is, at this very moment, helping our small farmers protect themselves and us from the big corporations, like Monsanto, that are the true power behind the FDAs decisions.

The FDA and Big Agriculture get their power from money. It’s as simple as that. Supporting the FTCLDF is so important, and I hope that all of you will go to their website and give what you can. If all you can give is your time, then sign their on line petition. Everything is set up for you and will take but a few moments, but will give some much needed support to this organization.

And, by the way: Mr. Paul, you’ve got my vote in 2012!

My article on the FDA attack on Amish Farmer Dan Allgyer.


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Where to get food for raw feeding

buddy vertical

Recently, one of my friendly commenters, Alicia, asked me where do I get all the food to raw feed my Buddy? Sounded like a good post idea, so here goes.

The great thing about raw feeding your dog/cat, is how darn easy it is. If you live near a supermarket, you’ve found a source. A restaurant? A source. Restaurant supplier? Another source. A food co op? Well, there you go.

I usually just hit my local food store. I buy the cheapest cuts of meat at the best prices. I usually look for a bone in them for the benefit of their teeth. I go for all different meats, all different cuts. The idea is that it has a bone and is inexpensive.

I also buy tripe, liver (lightly cooked: Buddy can be a pill on this one), kidneys, hearts and stomach (often in giblets: very cheap) and give some raw eggs.

So try for packages of chicken wings and drumsticks; pork chops; meat stock cuts, like lamb necks; and anything else that fits the bill. I will often buy something with the dollar off sticker on it; that means that it’s on it’s way out, and if you know dogs: the stronger the smell, the better the eats.

For an example, my smaller cocker may get one chicken leg and an egg for a.m., and a small pork chop for dinner. Always raw and almost always with a bone. Raw bones are perfect for them, but be very cautious with cooked bones, especially chicken bones.

I watch Buddies, weight by his waistline. I like to see that vase shape going towards his tail. In other words, if I see him rounding that out too much, I pull back a bit. Perhaps that night after getting three lamb necks for breakfast, I’ll only give a spare rib for dinner. That’s usually very little meat, but lots of bone chewing time.

Raw feeding is so easy, species appropriate, and very economical. I hope that helps, and leave me comments on any questions or suggestions for future posts!

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