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Food Bill S510: perhaps our Representatives need a visit from Scrooge’s ghosts

raw milk
Posted by on December 11, 2010

I just read a great article on The Healthy Home Economist that is a resounding trumpet call for many of us bloggers, in these days of impending doom from the effects of Food Bill S510 (now part of HR 2751). We all fear the “what if” regarding our “sacred foods”; the ones we go to great lengths to acquire for our families. Obtaining raw milk and pastured animal products, does not come easily for most of us “healthy foodies”: finding a co op, resourcing a nearby farm or scouring the internet, are de rigueur for anyone seeking REAL food.

Sarah, from The Healthy Home Economist, is well aware, like the rest of us, that our rights, our freedom and our health are all at risk here. The article, by Sarah, called “FDA: American Gestapo“, gives a chilling account of such events, and comments from her readers echo her sentiments: One comment from Stanley Fishman, author of “Tender Grassfed Meats” stands out: “Allowing any governmental agency to operate without judicial oversight destroys our freedom, violates the constitution, and makes America into a police state. Allowing the FDA, which is dedicated to protecting the profits of Big Ag and Big Pharma, to have such unlimited power is even worse.

The FDA already persecutes small farmers and drives them out of business, while never doing anything to stop big facilities and food imports to taint our food, For example, the FDA allowed the huge facility responsible for tainting huge numbers of eggs to reopen. If S510 passes, the FDA will, without doubt, use its vast new powers to end raw milk and raw cheese. Then it is likely that it will use its new power to decide every detail of how crops are grown to force the use of GMOs,
pesticides, raw sewage full of dangerous pollutants, chemicals, and irradiation on all who raise or sell food.

Here is an example of how the FDA uses its power:
A medical clinic that treats badly damaged knees and joints takes stem cells from their patients, grows them in a lab, then injects the cells into the joint of the person they were taken from. The patient does not need anti rejection drugs, because the body recognizes its own stem cells. In 95 % of the cases, the patients joint regenerates completely, and they are healed. No side effects. No need for artificial knees or hips, no surgery, no need for drugs, no profits for Big Pharma.

So what does the FDA do? The FDA is trying to shut this clinic down, claiming that a person’s own stem cells are a “drug”. A drug that must go through the FDA approval process!

Fortunately the clinic is able to fight the FDA in court. Farmers will be destroyed before they can even get to court if S510 passes.

This is a very powerful image portrayed for us all about the future of REAL foods…if we do nothing. I, so, wish that Sarah, Stanley and I could be the three visiting ghosts that come into our Representative’s dreams. We would show them Healthy Food: Past, Present and Future. Then our Representatives, upon realizing the unfortunate error of their ways, would wake on Christmas morning and vote “NO” on ANY bill that would hurt small farmers, or keep citizens from REAL food. A celebratory feast would follow, filled with grass fed roast beef (roast “beast”, if it was the Grinch version), fermented veggies and lots and lots of grass fed natural (raw) milk. And, as Tiny Tim said, “God bless us, everyone!”

Update 12/20: S510 is on the move again. Please take time to visit for an action alert!

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