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Keeping fructose in control

Posted by on June 8, 2011

Just read a very interesting article from Dr. Mercola about some of the foods that can sabotage a dieter’s best efforts. One of the biggest culprits, claims Dr. Mercola, is fructose. Now, most of us are aware that high fructose corn syrup is abundant in most processed foods, but have you thought about fruit?

The fruit part of the article really got me thinking. Dr. Mercola includes a chart that shows how much fructose is in many different fruits, and the apples that I supply for the kids snacks is actually quite high. I knew that bananas were high, but not that apples are HIGHER! My beloved dates, that I snack on when looking for a sweet treat on occasion, are lower than apples, too!

You learn something new every day. Dr. Mercola suggests, also, that we try and keep our daily fructose levels under 25 grams per day; boy, you can see that with a few helpings of fruit, you could easily jump over that number. His suggestion for those with insulin issues is under 15. Whoa.

I still follow a low grain diet, and enjoy fruit only on occasion, but this was an eye opener. A great alternative to apples, by the way, seems to be berries. Strawberries, blue berries, raspberries and also cherries are a great choice. With the summer fruits coming in, this is a great time to make that switch.

Fruits can be a wonderful treat, however, keep it in control and limit them to a treat. If you’re trying to loose weight, limiting fruits could help you drop those extra pounds: Remember to eat a diet heavy in real foods and keep processed foods at bay as much as possible. Strawberry anyone?

2 Responses to Keeping fructose in control

  1. Erica

    Hi Nancy,

    Great article! I think raw honey has a lot of fructose in it, too.

    Meanwhile, did you see any improvements with your teeth since your last video?

    • nourishingnancy

      Thanks, Erica! My teeth are like a rubics cube lately. It seems they are in a different location every morning. LOL. There’s still a huge space between my bottom two front teeth, and now the top has some new spaces. It’s all part of the plan, I suppose. I’ll post a video in July with some new progress. Keep in touch.

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