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Are doctors the new Big Brother?

chloe and joe on small quad
Posted by on June 16, 2011

Have doctor visits become the new way for Big Brother to keep us in check? Okay, normally I discuss food on Nourishing Nancy. I’m all about REAL food. However, something happened at my son’s doctor visit that made me question what was going on.

I have given my son many of his inoculations. I know there are so many things in these shots that are frightening to say the least and that there are way too many of them, but I am married to a man who doesn’t agree with me all the time. He is much quicker to run to the doctor when an ailment occurs and doesn’t put too much thought into health. To be honest, I have my fears about my children getting the disease that shots inoculate us against (we hope), as much as I have fears about what’s in those blasted shots.

Even though I chose to give my five year old his shots, I did it at a very slow pace: this is why I’m playing catch up before his admission into school this September. As you might guess, the physician’s assistant that examined my son had attitude written all over her demeanor after scanning his chart. And, as I mention that his previous doctor, and a book by Dr. Sears, suggests that when kids miss some of their infant shots, like the DTP , only three doses are necessary. I don’t believe this PA could have raised her left eyebrow any higher or shifted her weight to her left hip any harder had she tried.

Now, not only do I feel strongly about this idea of keeping to the minimum amount of shots needed, but I am adamant about keeping to only those that the school district requires. Don’t you think the doctor’s office would have some information on this? A word to the wise: make sure to go to your doctor fully informed on what shots are required for you district: they not only don’t know, I firmly believe they don’t want to give you that information. According to their view, he needs all the shots the government suggests.

Make no mistake about it, folks: the vaccination schedule is completely government run and backed by the pharmaceutical companies. The stigma of doing anything other than following the unquestioned demands of this vaccination schedule is looked at as “leaving the tribe”. Our doctors and nurses help it along, our schools reinforce it and our family and friends, and even acquaintances, keep us in line by wagging a finger at us when we dare to question things. It is the easiest way to keep everyone in line: self-policing.

After the confrontation over what shot to give my son next, came a questioning of my five year old son on whether he wears a helmet when he rides a bike; whether he wears a seat belt in the car; how many times he brushes his teeth and does he take a vitamin.

What? Is this physician’s assistant questioning my son or my parenting?

Talk about Big Brother and self-policing! When he answered he didn’t like to wear a helmet, a note was written down in his chart and the eyebrow was again raised. What has happened to our privacy and the fact that we are the parent, not this bureaucrat posing in front of me? Are we being systematically striped of our parental jurisdiction?

Are these our children or are we being replaced by the state?

Am I overreacting? Thinking too much? Watching too many you tube videos? Sorry, but once you open your eyes to a truth, it is impossible to ignore it when you see it again.

I would suggest that we stand up to this kind of questioning of our children. Not because we have anything to hide, but that we have everything to lose. Our liberties, our parenting ways, our family ties and, most of all, the way our children will begin to view us. What happens when the “authorities” begin to question us, as parents, in front of our children? Whom do you think comes away looking like the one with the answers? The one to listen to? The one who knows what’s best for us?

I will always value my children’s opinions and choices in life, however, when they are young, those opinions and choices must be guided by what I and my husband think would be the best for their growing lives. Not because we are trying to control their lives, but because we have the experience and enough love to remind them of what they already know is the best thing for them. What do you think the motives of a government agency might be for our children? Are their intentions coming from love?

Oh boy, if my parents read this post, an “I told ya so” might be coming my way.


Right after posting this on Facebook, all hell broke loose. I was attacked quite loudly by a few in our real food community on my decision to vaccinate. I took it defensively, much to my disadvantage, and that is just some internal shifting I’ll have to work with, but in a broader view, it made me think about how everyone is coming from such a different place: even within this real food community.

Is it possible to be adamantly about real food and also choose to vaccinate? How about all about real food and decide to birth in a hospital with some intervention, even a lot of intervention? Could you be into real food and decide that milk is something that is not appropriate for humans? Can you be a real foodie and be pro choice? Pro life?

Of course! All of these and more. It just goes to prove that we are all different, working with many different factors that create our life choices. I had my second baby at home with a midwife, in the bathtub no less: should I go interrogate everyone on their choice of birthing? Should I blast those that had any intervention? Because I’m a true advocate of home birthing.

I’m suggesting, that there are many different views within our healthy food community and tolerance may be the best way. I learn lots of things from the paleo community, but, sorry, I love my milk, cream and fermented dairy. I learn many things from those that feel passionately about their pro life stance, but I still support a woman’s right to make that choice for herself. And I myself had a hospital birth on my third after losing a baby at three months. It wasn’t that I didn’t believe in birthing at home anymore, but it just didn’t feel like the right choice for ME that time around.

Funny how this article, that caused such a stir, was not even about vaccinations: it was about how doctors seem to be checking up on us in a very personal way, and how I feel about that. Then again, when we put ourselves out there, an big old rain coat might be a good idea.




10 Responses to Are doctors the new Big Brother?

  1. Erica

    “Are doctors the new Big Brother?”
    No, they’re little puppets for Big Brother :)

    • nourishingnancy

      Oooh, good call, Erica. Invasive questions, right? Like she was taking notes on my parenting. Scary, really.

      • Erica

        Lol! You are too funny, Nancy! When I looked on your youtube page, you had Alex Jones in your subscriptions box. You definitely have good taste in REAL information :)

        • nourishingnancy

          He’s so cool. So much amazing info. Sometimes, though, it makes you feel helpless to stop all the awful things going on. It trickles right down into our food. But, then, knowledge is power.

          • Erica

            Yes, Nancy. He’s definitely cool, and is waking people up! One of his last videos stated that Obama and his administration are trying to initiate World War 3 so that they can eventually bring their New World Order plan into action. However, I believe we can stop them. If only we had more people who knew about all of what is really happening in the world. I encourage you and everyone else to watch this startling video “A Weaponized World” by the Natural Solutions Foundation:

            We need to wake people up because things will get much much worse if we don’t take action soon.

          • nourishingnancy

            I’ll definitely check that out, Erica. It almost sounds like crazy people talk when we start discussing all the NWO stuff, and, of course, that’s what’s hoped for: crazy conspiracy theorists. Have you checked out Jesse Ventura? Amazing stuff. I even like David Icke. He’s a bit extreme, but I love to listen. The reptilian thing has made him less credible to a lot of people, but can you imagine if he’s right? My husband tells me to stop wasting my time on all that stuff, but it’s like a guilty pleasure. Like reading a spy novel. With this lousy economy, something has to liven things up. Hey, but even though I jest, in all seriousness, there are lots of odd things coming into complete clarity lately. I always thought the “New Age” was a good thing, you know “ohm, very spiritual”; now I’m looking at it like it was a cover for what’s really being implemented. We could talk all night about this stuff. But you might feel the chill of my husband’s attitude. LOL. Always great talking to you Erica.

  2. Alicia

    It is a shame that some are intimidated by those of us who want to be informed and seek to know the truth. I talked with my pediatrician and told her, if I had another little one, I would change the way I would do things, esp with vaccinations. She was great in her response and said that would be my choice, they would give me the info and let me decide. She said she has several parents who choose not to vaccinate. I never thought about the questions they ask, but you are right, why do they need to ask all of that?

    Thanks for the post!

    PS. Are you going to do another post on Feeding Raw for dogs? I thought you were doing one on where you actually got your raw meat….but I may have been mistaken ;)

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