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Where to get food for raw feeding

buddy vertical
Posted by on June 20, 2011

Recently, one of my friendly commenters, Alicia, asked me where do I get all the food to raw feed my Buddy? Sounded like a good post idea, so here goes.

The great thing about raw feeding your dog/cat, is how darn easy it is. If you live near a supermarket, you’ve found a source. A restaurant? A source. Restaurant supplier? Another source. A food co op? Well, there you go.

I usually just hit my local food store. I buy the cheapest cuts of meat at the best prices. I usually look for a bone in them for the benefit of their teeth. I go for all different meats, all different cuts. The idea is that it has a bone and is inexpensive.

I also buy tripe, liver (lightly cooked: Buddy can be a pill on this one), kidneys, hearts and stomach (often in giblets: very cheap) and give some raw eggs.

So try for packages of chicken wings and drumsticks; pork chops; meat stock cuts, like lamb necks; and anything else that fits the bill. I will often buy something with the dollar off sticker on it; that means that it’s on it’s way out, and if you know dogs: the stronger the smell, the better the eats.

For an example, my smaller cocker may get one chicken leg and an egg for a.m., and a small pork chop for dinner. Always raw and almost always with a bone. Raw bones are perfect for them, but be very cautious with cooked bones, especially chicken bones.

I watch Buddies, weight by his waistline. I like to see that vase shape going towards his tail. In other words, if I see him rounding that out too much, I pull back a bit. Perhaps that night after getting three lamb necks for breakfast, I’ll only give a spare rib for dinner. That’s usually very little meat, but lots of bone chewing time.

Raw feeding is so easy, species appropriate, and very economical. I hope that helps, and leave me comments on any questions or suggestions for future posts!

2 Responses to Where to get food for raw feeding

  1. Alicia

    Thanks, Nancy! Love it! I have been having great success with chicken drumsticks and wanted to switch it up a little. I bought some pork spare ribs…we won’t be doing that again…;)

    The stores in my area don’t seem to mark things down a whole lot even if the date is that day…usually just $1.00 off…I wonder what they do with it if it doesn’t sell??? Hmm…

    I have not tried a lot of other meats as it seems to “upset” their tummies…which I feel I should be giving them a variety, but right now it just doesn’t seem to work for us…I do have to watch the sodium levels in the chicken, if it is high, it will give them upset stomachs, which is NOT a good thing! :P

    I LOVE feeding them this way and am thrilled to learn all I can about this!

    I visited a farm over the weekend that sells free range chickens and I told them, I will take chicken necks, and whatever is available for feeding my dogs! Also told them I would like chicken feet for stock! ;)

    Thanks for the post!

    • nourishingnancy

      Thanks, Alicia, yes! Of course. If you have a local farm….there’s a great source. Not much by my way. Long Island isn’t that agricultural anymore. Funny comment about’ what they do with it if it doesn’t sell’. Does bleach give you any visuals? Glad to hear your happy puppy sagas.

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