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Ron Paul takes on the FDA over raw milk: Our freedom

raw milk
Posted by on July 6, 2011

There is a revolution going on in this country, and raw milk and Ron Paul just may be at the forefront of it.

“If we are not even free anymore to decide something as basic as what we wish to eat or drink, how much freedom do we really have left?” contests Ron Paul.

This alarming concern and the recent raid on the Amish Farmer Dan Allgyer by the FDA, has prompted Ron Paul to put forth a House Bill known as HR 1830. It is to make legal the interstate sale of unpasteurized milk and milk products that are for human consumption.

Raw milk, referred to as fresh or real milk in real food communities, has gained a popularity that seems to have drawn the interference, and outright attack, of the FDA due to the organizations claims that it is unsafe for humans to drink.

As stated in The New American: “Even if the FDA were correct in its assertions about the dangers of raw milk, its prohibition on interstate raw milk sales would still be, as Paul termed it, ‘an unconstitutional misapplication of the commerce clause for legislative ends’ …

Saying he is ‘outraged’ by the FDA’s raids on peaceful dairy farmers and their customers, Paul has introduced legislation … ‘to allow the shipment and distribution of unpasteurized milk and milk products for human consumption across state lines,’ in effect reversing the FDA’s unconstitutional ban on such sales.”

via Ron Paul vs. the FDA Raw Milk Police.

We as consumers have the right to choose what we deem healthy, don’t you think? Even if you agree with the FDA on this issue of the safety of unpasteurized milk, I’d advice you to do some research on the benefits of this wonderful food, but I would still also remind you that this issue is not really about which milk you or anyone else chooses to drink: it is about our FREEDOM in our own country to make that choice for ourselves.

The Farmer-to-Consumer-Legal-Defense-Fund is a wonderful organization that is, at this very moment, helping our small farmers protect themselves and us from the big corporations, like Monsanto, that are the true power behind the FDAs decisions.

The FDA and Big Agriculture get their power from money. It’s as simple as that. Supporting the FTCLDF is so important, and I hope that all of you will go to their website and give what you can. If all you can give is your time, then sign their on line petition. Everything is set up for you and will take but a few moments, but will give some much needed support to this organization.

And, by the way: Mr. Paul, you’ve got my vote in 2012!

My article on the FDA attack on Amish Farmer Dan Allgyer.


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