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Another FDA raid on raw milk!

Posted by on August 6, 2011

The Fun never ends, friends, as there’s been another FDA raid on natural, raw milk. This raid was perpetrated on August 3, 2011 in California at the Rawsome Farm. The attached video show this new form of terrorism as it is happening.

For those new to the raw milk scene, raw, meaning unpasteurized or fresh milk, is bought by many informed citizens of this country as a vital part of a truly healthy diet. Those buying raw milk do so through co ops and cow shares, where buying milk in it’s natural state is illegal in certain states.

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New York State is one such state, and so I purchase my raw milk, raw cheese, raw sour cream and yoghurt through a co op. Our co op has been quiet, but I have no doubt that the new legal papers we in the club were asked to sign were a direct result of the fear farms are beginning to feel. That fear has everything to do with the new Food “Safety” Bill passed in December.

Here is another video from Mike Adams and Alex Jones that gives some up to the minute details of the raid and where the legalities stand at the moment.

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By the way, in the first video, our own Anne Marie Michaels of Real Food Media is featured. So exciting to see her making some noise about this very serious issue. And, that is a major point to be made here: Raw milk IS a very serious issue. Not only is raw milk a nourishing food that informed citizens search out and spend their hard-earned cash on, but it is a symbol for the new type of government control that is being systematically forced upon on.

It is our human right to choose to eat what foods we consider healthy. No government should be telling us that we can not have a right to access it. I think this is not only a money issue (helping out Big Agriculture and the conventional Dairy Industry), but it is to assure that we are all on the same “food plan”, if you will. The food that is bought from the average grocery store is a processed mess of chemicals, genetically modified crops and non-nourishing, non-food garbage. It is systematically taking us down as a species. It is changing us: our bodies, our brains, even, our emotions.

If the government succeeds at taking away our only access to REAL food, then they have won on so many different levels. Now is the time to spread the word, friends. Share this information, this post and the videos; write your own blogs about it; support organizations, like the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund. The Weston A. Price Foundation is another wonderful organization that can help with keeping our food freedom alive.

We need these farms and farmers more than we know. I take that back: many of us do know, we’re just trying to wake the rest of the nation up! Wake up! Our freedoms are at stake! Raw milk=freedom. That sounds like a good one for a T-shirt.

3 Responses to Another FDA raid on raw milk!

  1. hannahcrum

    Great post Nancy. Anne Marie was on fire both at the raid and at the protest, I got to say a quick hello. Mark McAfee also got very passionate and gave lots of good interviews, including one with me. Wake up indeed America! Thanks for doing your part. :)

    • nourishingnancy

      Hannah, you and all the people OUT THERE actually DOING something are to be commended. Writing about it all can be a great eye opener for some folks, but, truth be told, it’s the time to do more than talk (or write). America is changing….and quick. Thanks for the link to the interview….and keep on keepin’ on, as they said in the 60′s.

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