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New York Times won’t use the words raw milk

glass of milk
Posted by on August 12, 2011

According to sources through, the New York Times has not used the term “raw” milk since 2004 (Read article). The paper uses the word “unpasteurized” to describe milk that has been unprocessed. It is, without a doubt, a way to sway the readers of this paper into the belief that milk that is unpasteurized is, basically, unfinished or not complete.

The New York Times, along with many other establishment publications and news organizations, have not reported on the latest raid on small farmers at the Rawsome Farm in Los Angelos, California. It is hard to believe that any news organization would turn a blind eye to a swat team style raid in broad daylight to some small farmers in a town as public as Los Angelos, but not when one considers who might have something to lose from broadcasting this information: Big Agriculture and the FDA (the recently supercharged organization of food freedom nazis).

Independent or alternative news sources are, however, following this incident with great interest. It is, perhaps, THE food freedom issue of our time. What we chose to eat and drink is very political….and very powerful. When I and my family go and purchase our raw milk and other raw milk products from our local co op, I feel powerful: I am taking charge of my and my family’s health; I am saying NO to all the unhealthy processing that is done to milk (I’m also buying it grass fed NOT confinement, grain based), and YES to milk that is full of living enzymes, minerals and vitamins, that are stripped from processed milk, nourishing animal fats and the anti-stiffness effect of real milk; my actions speak louder than words to a government bent on taking away our choice to know what is healthy for us.

Raw milk, real milk, fresh milk, unprocessed milk, natural milk, milk straight from the cow: Whatever name chosen, it is an amazing health food that is in the throws of a battle of information and control. We the people (and I’m really loving that term lately) need to stand up to this kind of invasion. What freedoms are you willing to give up? My milk, fresh and real, is not one of them.

Read about the Rawesome Raid from last week!

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