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I still believe in Santa Claus

Operation Santa Claus
Posted by on August 18, 2011

Gosh, there are so many razor focused issues these days, that believing in Santa Claus seems just the right kind of rose-colored-glasses-feeling I wish I had access to again.

I’d like to believe that the reason the FDA fought for the latest Food “Safety” Bill was actually to make us safer; but then I find this same governmental agency trying to break farmers’ and consumers’ ties to each other by raiding raw milk co ops. They hide behind the guise of safety, however, the reality is that the stench of strong arm, mafia style shakedowns is the strongest aroma left lingering after their dictatorial presence.

I’d love to believe that our medical community is trying to heal us, but when our rights to choose to vaccinate or not, or to choose our own schedule for OUR children is met with questions pointed at those suspected of child abuse, I awaken to the fact that our doctors are no longer our family friends, like the country doctors of days past. (Read “Are Doctor’s the new big brother?”).

My heart wants to believe that a nice old man, named The Pope, who is calling for “greater ethics in economic policy” , is truly concerned about the welfare of the people of the world, until I read the article: “Benedict explored the theme more fully in his 2009 encyclical “Charity in Truth,” in which he called for a new world financial order guided by ethics, dignity and the search for the common good.” The plea is making the case for a new world banking system, a new one-world currency, and a global government. Sadly, it is not the good will one imagines coming from the head of a church.

This is the reality one sees once the visor is lifted: the one that kept you thinking that a fat guy in a fuzzy red suit delivered toys under your Christmas tree. Once the visor is lifted, you read the news differently; you watch movies with a new mindset; and you look at what our government and our appointed (?) officials are really doing.

My body, mind and soul wish for a government that is not about controlling us, but representing us; a school system that is not trying to dumb down our population, but encourage creativity and genius, in all it’s facets, in all of our children; a countryside that has not been turned into a cement industrialized corn maze, but a vista thriving with independent small farmers, making a wonderful living with artisan and nourishing foods; and a medical and scientific community that no longer thrives on drugs to keep us unhealthy, and instead embraces the vibrance of nature, and turns to it for the answers to our returned radiant health.

My Dad sent me an email with a quote that read something like: “What we focus on grows”. I’d like to make that garden grow….and grow and grow. Perhaps I’ll even send my list to Santa a bit early this year.

Photo by DVIDSHUB @ creative commons



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