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Can Genetically Modified Organisms cause sterility?

Posted by on October 27, 2011

Genetically Modified Organisms, GMOs for short, are new to our food supply. The ability to genetically splice and change….anything is now, not only possible, but becoming quite common. Does that mean, however, that it is safe? And, have you thought about that before eating a bag of corn chips from the supermarket? Because if you’re eating those corn chips, you and your family are ingesting GMOs.

But you don’t eat corn chips, you say. How about anything processed? If that processed food contains dextrose, malt, even soy lecithin (soy is almost all genetically modified), it’s made from genetically modified organisms. The list of additives is extensive and, sadly, even, frighteningly, in literally everything in your local supermarket, or, even, your health food store. Today’s foods are loaded with GMOs, because corn and soy are placed in nearly every food item on the food shelves.

GMOs first entered our food supply in the 1990s (some info on that) and has increased, without being labeled as such, ever since. Not only have GMOs increased, but so have the reports on their deleterious effects and the whistleblowers, like Dr. Don M. Huber (his letter and article on sterility and miscarriages), to sound off the alarms.

Corn and soybeans are spliced with genes that allow them to resist harm from chemicals like Roundup, that are sprayed on the crops. They can also have genes that kills off pests, like mice, or, sometimes, accidentally, beneficial insects like ladybugs.

If a plant is bred to kill off insects and pests when eaten, what might that mean for us when we eat the plant? The reports, of animals becoming sterile and miscarrying (interesting article) after ingesting GMOs, are a chilling scenario that many fear is a canary-in-the-mine kind of indicator for our species.

Was this known by the producers of these GMOs (mostly Monsanto)? Some say that it was not only known, but planned. Watch this video from

The solution to GMOs, besides outlawing them outright? Organic! Buy organic: no GMOs are allowed in foods labeled organic. At least for the time being, that is the case (Monsanto is probably working on that already). Also, stay away from processed foods. Buying single, organic ingredients, and making them yourself, ensures a degree of safety from this major food experiment going rapidly wrong.

Joining organizations to stop GMOs or require labeling of such is also a great idea. Try the Weston A. Price Foundation for all kinds of helpful links.

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