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A global attack on raw milk

photo by David DeHetre
Posted by on November 8, 2011

photo by David DeHetre

The attack on raw milk is on a global scale. According to an article by Sarah Pope of The Healthy Home Economist, Ireland is now working to enforce a ban on raw milk that would be country wide.

Proving that de facto corporate control of community foodways using the government as its hired thug is not just the purview of North America, Ireland has moved to ban all raw milk sales by the end of 2011.

This shocking development appears to be in response to an enormous and rapid surge in the sales of unpasteurized dairy since late 2010 when Irish dairy farmers realized the full implication of a 2007 European Union directive that actually superceded an Irish ban on raw milk sales by the Department of Agricultural Fisheries and Food (DAFF) in 1996.

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An attack on raw milk is not a safety issue; this can not be shouted loudly enough.

The reason for a global attack on raw milk is to stop people from producing food for themselves. It is that simple and that evil.

Raw milk allows a farmer to produce milk and ask a decent price for it. It is sold directly to the customer, with no corporate hand tying involved.

Raw milk’s continued rapid growth in popularity is causing a bone crushingly strong reaction from our big corporations (connected to government, through organizations like the FDA).

The powers that be, in government, are pulling every dirty trick in the book to squelch this public interest in raw milk. They have to: how will we all be brought under the umbrella of corporate food, manufactured for us by GMO-loving, corporate beasts, like Monsanto?

Many people are waking up to this New World Order, being forced on us day by day, but many say it is just a conspiracy theory. I’m not sure how anyone can watch what is happening to our food supply and still call this a “theory”.

As Sarah Pope pointed out, it’s awfully interesting that this raw milk issue in Ireland is happening at the same time as a major change to one of the only grass fed butters available in our supermarkets: Kerrygold Butter. But hey, now you can buy Kerrygold in a low fat, pale yellow, nutrient deprived version. Coincidence? My spider senses say nay, or should that be moo?

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