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Gluten sensitivity and the GAPS diet

sunflower cake
Posted by on November 9, 2011

Here’s an article on Dr. Mercola’s site that talks about gluten sensitivity and the GAPS diet. It is reported here that a substance called gliadin and WGA (wheat germ agglutinin) in wheat and grains like rice, spelt and rye, are what is antagonizing the symptoms of ADHD. WGA is classified as a lectin, that seems to be responsible for all the ill effects of grains.

Lectins, unfortunately, are not effected by sprouting or fermenting grains. As Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride points out, our immune system is directly connected to our gut health: if our gut health is jeopardized, grains can cause lots of problems.

On the GAPS diet, grains are kept out of the diet to allow the intestinal tract to heal. Dr. Mercola’s article suggests keeping out the gluten rich grains and allowing ones like rice, corn (obviously non-GMO), quinoa and some others (see article) to see if this helps. Perhaps that is something a parent with a child suffering from ADHD can try first to see if it has any beneficial effect.




Dr. Mercola’s article gives some great suggestions, just keep in mind that healthy animal fats (from pastured animals) are an integral part of healing: Dr. Mercola suggests lean proteins. That is not a suggestion I, or Dr. Campbell McBride, would advise.

Note: the photo at the top is of a Sunflower Cake I made from the GAPS diet book, “Internal Bliss”. It was amazing! Here’s the recipe.

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