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Another look at saturated fats that may save your life: video

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Posted by on December 12, 2011

Are you another scared rabbit that follows the ill found dogma of a low fat diet and believes saturated fats are the devil incarnate? This video is for you!

Know someone else who is following this goes-against-reason and goes-against-human-history diet? Do them a favor and forward this video to them: it could save their life!

So many functions in our body depend on enough saturated fats in the diet. Brain and nerve tissue, sex and stress hormone and vitamin D are just some of the reasons to eat the way humans have been eating for centuries. Children are frighteningly affected by a low fat diet, and, yet, almost all the refrigerators that I’ve opened, of family and friends, have the tell tale sign of this brainwashing: 1%, 2% or skim milk!

Gosh, do you all not realize you’re stealing from your children?

The chart showing butter consumption plummeting and heart disease and cancer following the opposite trend is both telling and very sad. How can we see the truth all around us, in the obese and sick (the video talks about “diabesity”, that says it all), and still blame animal fats? Easily: every TV show, every movie, every book, every doctor, every medical center, every scientist and, even our schools have been repeating this trash for as long as we all can remember.

Watch the video. It can be viewed as encouraging: if this doctor has stepped away from the sheeple, then others are sure to follow. Use your common sense, folks, there are many things that just don’t add up. This is a biggie.

Now go fry an egg in lots of butter and throw out the low fat garbage milk for something wholesome and whole. Your cell membranes will thank you.

P.S. This great video came way of Raine Saunders. Check out her web at

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