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FDA reverses 30 year promise to get antibiotics out of animal feed

photo credit: David DeHetre
Posted by on January 18, 2012

photo credit: David DeHetre

The FDA has wiggled out of it’s stated intention, since 1977, of removing the use of low level antibiotics added to confinement animal feed. This practice is banned in Europe.

The idea behind adding a constant low dose of, let’s say tetracycline, is really just a tool to add weight and size to young animals. It is done by many farmers, even without the advise of a vet.

Why is this a bad idea for humans? Super resistant super bugs are being created by the overuse of antibiotics. Heaven forbid, you or a family member truly needs an antibiotic–perhaps, you picked up lyme disease over the summer–antibiotics may not work. This is a very real danger caused by overuse of antibiotics in livestock and humans.

This, perhaps, will be the final straw for those on the fence whether to search out organic, pastured meats. Know your farmer. Know your food.

Watch video by clicking purple link below.



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