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Progress with my Damon Braces: Video

Posted by on January 18, 2012

Thanks again for checking in on my progress with my Damon Braces, friends. Here’s the fifth video I’ve made and it talks about a few other things I’m involved in.

Thanks for watching!

One Response to Progress with my Damon Braces: Video

  1. Suvetar

    I’m wondering if any of your facial bones have changed during treatment? Can you breathe better? Does the sinus drain easier? Do the facial muscles pull the smile into a different one since facial bones changed and lower jaw shifted? Do you feel that you’ve gained a little bit of width in the dental arch? Do you have a functional bite, do your teeth fit together yet? Do you know how long until you’re done with treatment?
    Overall, are you happy you went the Damon route?

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