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Are doctors the new Big Brother?

Have doctor visits become the new way for Big Brother to keep us in check? Okay, normally I discuss food on Nourishing Nancy. I’m all about REAL food. However, something happened at my son’s doctor visit that made me question what was going on. I have given my son many of his inoculations. I know … Continue reading »

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The Vegetarian Myth: a video

[bubblecast id=298690 thumbnail=475x375 player=475x375]As a recovered vegetarian/vegan, I can surely comment on this subject with voracity and validity. I avoided meat and all animal products for years before I had my first child. The results of that misconception were apparent when my daughter was born with eczema, teeth that rotted out of her mouth as … Continue reading »

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Interview with Ramiel Nagel author of “Cure Tooth Decay”!

Rami Nagel is the author of “Cure Tooth Decay”, a book using a nutritionally based protocol to heal teeth from the inside out. Rami was gracious enough to answer some questions I sent him and thought you all might enjoy his responses. For those who are not familiar with his book, “Cure Tooth Decay” uses … Continue reading »

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