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factory farming

FDA reverses 30 year promise to get antibiotics out of animal feed

The FDA has wiggled out of it’s stated intention, since 1977, of removing the use of low level antibiotics added to confinement animal feed. This practice is banned in Europe. The idea behind adding a constant low dose of, let’s say tetracycline, is really just a tool to add weight and size to young animals. … Continue reading »

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The Vegetarian Myth: a video

[bubblecast id=298690 thumbnail=475x375 player=475x375]As a recovered vegetarian/vegan, I can surely comment on this subject with voracity and validity. I avoided meat and all animal products for years before I had my first child. The results of that misconception were apparent when my daughter was born with eczema, teeth that rotted out of her mouth as … Continue reading »

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My wholehearted reaction to the State of the Union Address

Here’s an article I wrote about my, and I suppose many other people in this circle’s, reaction to the State of the Union Address. I can’t help but feel that the health care talk is all just pablum until someone starts discussing the cause of the health crisis: Our food, for goodness sakes! Hope you … Continue reading »

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