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REAL food

Moms defense against Fast Food: Video Sarah Pope

I love this new video from Sarah Pope and had to pass it along! Brilliant Sarah! I’d add bringing a favorite healthy snack or food that gives your child an alternative, although often times the toy is all they really wanted anyway. Another fun idea might be to turn that smile on the happy meal … Continue reading »

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FDA reverses 30 year promise to get antibiotics out of animal feed

The FDA has wiggled out of it’s stated intention, since 1977, of removing the use of low level antibiotics added to confinement animal feed. This practice is banned in Europe. The idea behind adding a constant low dose of, let’s say tetracycline, is really just a tool to add weight and size to young animals. … Continue reading »

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Another look at saturated fats that may save your life: video

Are you another scared rabbit that follows the ill found dogma of a low fat diet and believes saturated fats are the devil incarnate? This video is for you! Know someone else who is following this goes-against-reason and goes-against-human-history diet? Do them a favor and forward this video to them: it could save their life! … Continue reading »

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Check out Nourishing Nation: real politics in our nation

I’ve been moving on a new current the last few months. Slowly but surely, I have woken up to the many “stories” going on behind the scenes to what has been making America, and the world, tick for longer than I was aware. My search has lead me to connect the dots on why our … Continue reading »

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Gluten sensitivity and the GAPS diet

Here’s an article on Dr. Mercola’s site that talks about gluten sensitivity and the GAPS diet. It is reported here that a substance called gliadin and WGA (wheat germ agglutinin) in wheat and grains like rice, spelt and rye, are what is antagonizing the symptoms of ADHD. WGA is classified as a lectin, that seems … Continue reading »

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A global attack on raw milk

The attack on raw milk is on a global scale. According to an article by Sarah Pope of The Healthy Home Economist, Ireland is now working to enforce a ban on raw milk that would be country wide. Proving that de facto corporate control of community foodways using the government as its hired thug is … Continue reading »

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Letter to Dalton McGuinty: Michael Schmidt

I followed a link this morning posted by AnnMarie Michaels, from, posted on facebook to write an email to Premier Dalton McGuinty in Canada that sincerely requests that he meet with Michael Schmidt and allow the Canadian citizens access to natural (raw) milk. I do believe that Michael Schmidt’s protest goes so deep into … Continue reading »

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Can Genetically Modified Organisms cause sterility?

Genetically Modified Organisms, GMOs for short, are new to our food supply. The ability to genetically splice and change….anything is now, not only possible, but becoming quite common. Does that mean, however, that it is safe? And, have you thought about that before eating a bag of corn chips from the supermarket? Because if you’re … Continue reading »

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Update on my Damon Braces: Video!

Finally! Took me awhile to post a video of my progress with the Damon System, but here it is. Thanks for checking in. Watch Video: Nourishing Nancy 4 This post is part of Monday Mania at The Healthy Home Economist!  

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New York Times won’t use the words raw milk

According to sources through, the New York Times has not used the term “raw” milk since 2004 (Read article). The paper uses the word “unpasteurized” to describe milk that has been unprocessed. It is, without a doubt, a way to sway the readers of this paper into the belief that milk that is unpasteurized … Continue reading »

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Ron Paul takes on the FDA over raw milk: Our freedom

There is a revolution going on in this country, and raw milk and Ron Paul just may be at the forefront of it. “If we are not even free anymore to decide something as basic as what we wish to eat or drink, how much freedom do we really have left?” contests Ron Paul. This … Continue reading »

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Making fermented pickles

Making fermented pickles is one of the quickest, easiest and most rewarding fermenting recipes to try. I made these the other day, and, wow, they came out great. Fermenting veggies has been around for thousands of years and done by cultures around the globe. It’s always fun to give this to someone who’s never had … Continue reading »

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The healthy home economist hangs with Weston A. Price

[bubblecast id=301866 thumbnail=475x375 player=475x375]Perhaps these videos, produced by the Weston A. Price Foundation and narrated by our own Healthy Home Economist, Sarah Pope, have been out for a bit, but their intrinsic value and outright amazingness just sunk in to my silly head. In light of finding them on Sarah’s sight, and You Tube, … Continue reading »

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Keeping fructose in control

Just read a very interesting article from Dr. Mercola about some of the foods that can sabotage a dieter’s best efforts. One of the biggest culprits, claims Dr. Mercola, is fructose. Now, most of us are aware that high fructose corn syrup is abundant in most processed foods, but have you thought about fruit? The … Continue reading »

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Pea soup from a ham bone

Hosting Mother’s Day this year left me with the gift of a ham bone from the spiral ham brought by me mum, bless her heart. I figured I should be able to do something with this huge chunk of bone, so I did what I do with all bones: cooked the begeebies (or is that … Continue reading »

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The Amish being attacked by the FDA: raw milk

The relentless pressure by the FDA to stop the sale of raw milk has now hit the Amish in Pennsylvania. The article was on (article). Apparently, Rainbow Farms was raided by US Marshals, Troopers and, of course, our friends from the FDA, over some sort of interstate issue. Things are getting worse rather than … Continue reading »

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I just tried shad roe!

Shad roe was a new one for me. When I asked for it in my local fish market, I was expecting some sort of a grouping of transparent fish eggs: it looked more like a bloody liver! I say bloody because it literally looked the color of blood and like an organ. Then again, it … Continue reading »

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How to raw feed your dog

Nothing inspires writing like lots of comments after posting. The topic of raw feeding seems to have hit a nerve with many of you, and I’m so glad to help “feed” the need! Jumping into a raw food diet seems to cause many a bit of anxiety: how do I know how much to feed? … Continue reading »

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The Vegetarian Myth: a video

[bubblecast id=298690 thumbnail=475x375 player=475x375]As a recovered vegetarian/vegan, I can surely comment on this subject with voracity and validity. I avoided meat and all animal products for years before I had my first child. The results of that misconception were apparent when my daughter was born with eczema, teeth that rotted out of her mouth as … Continue reading »

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Get Cultured: Body Ecology and Nourished Kitchen join forces!

If there’s a war going on in your digestive tract, then you need to recruit the joint forces of Jenny from the Nourished Kitchen and Donna from Body Ecology! Donna now recommends Jenny’s course to all of her following. Here’s what she had to say:   “Kudos, Jenny! I am thrilled to see the beautiful … Continue reading »

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