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Progress with my Damon Braces: Video

Thanks again for checking in on my progress with my Damon Braces, friends. Here’s the fifth video I’ve made and it talks about a few other things I’m involved in. Thanks for watching!

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Radioactive tissue boxes and thyroid cancer: video

Here’s a great video from Mike Adams of discussing radioactive tissue boxes bought at Bed Bath and Beyond (that’s not a joke) and Thyroid Cancer’s high rise. If you’re wondering why, a hint might be Fukashima. Start downing iodine folks and enjoy the video.  

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Another look at saturated fats that may save your life: video

Are you another scared rabbit that follows the ill found dogma of a low fat diet and believes saturated fats are the devil incarnate? This video is for you! Know someone else who is following this goes-against-reason and goes-against-human-history diet? Do them a favor and forward this video to them: it could save their life! … Continue reading »

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A typical GMO, chemical, toxic food shop

Sometimes, we all need some humor about the nasties (GMOs, chemicals, toxins and MSG) in our food. Sadly, there is truth in humor, and no more so than in this video. Guaranteed to have you nodding your head, screaming, ‘right!’, during the whole thing. NWO Supermarket

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The healthy home economist hangs with Weston A. Price

[bubblecast id=301866 thumbnail=475x375 player=475x375]Perhaps these videos, produced by the Weston A. Price Foundation and narrated by our own Healthy Home Economist, Sarah Pope, have been out for a bit, but their intrinsic value and outright amazingness just sunk in to my silly head. In light of finding them on Sarah’s sight, and You Tube, … Continue reading »

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New video: Damon braces progress

            [bubblecast id=300668 thumbnail=475x375 player=475x375] Here’s my latest progress wearing the Damon System Clear braces. I notice that the teeth are higher into the gums, they seem wider and I have a huge space between my two bottom teeth! The last detail is only temporary, though. I felt a small … Continue reading »

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The Vegetarian Myth: a video

[bubblecast id=298690 thumbnail=475x375 player=475x375]As a recovered vegetarian/vegan, I can surely comment on this subject with voracity and validity. I avoided meat and all animal products for years before I had my first child. The results of that misconception were apparent when my daughter was born with eczema, teeth that rotted out of her mouth as … Continue reading »

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Braces: new video from Nourishing Nancy!

This post is part of Real Food Wednesday at Kelly the Kitchen Kop! Here is the newest video of the progress with my Damon clear braces! I’m thrilled with the progress so far and am very happy to share it with everyone. I only wish that I had perfect teeth before hand; braces are really … Continue reading »

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