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Weston A. Price

Can Genetically Modified Organisms cause sterility?

Genetically Modified Organisms, GMOs for short, are new to our food supply. The ability to genetically splice and change….anything is now, not only possible, but becoming quite common. Does that mean, however, that it is safe? And, have you thought about that before eating a bag of corn chips from the supermarket? Because if you’re … Continue reading »

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Another FDA raid on raw milk!

The Fun never ends, friends, as there’s been another FDA raid on natural, raw milk. This raid was perpetrated on August 3, 2011 in California at the Rawsome Farm. The attached video show this new form of terrorism as it is happening. For those new to the raw milk scene, raw, meaning unpasteurized or fresh … Continue reading »

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The healthy home economist hangs with Weston A. Price

[bubblecast id=301866 thumbnail=475x375 player=475x375]Perhaps these videos, produced by the Weston A. Price Foundation and narrated by our own Healthy Home Economist, Sarah Pope, have been out for a bit, but their intrinsic value and outright amazingness just sunk in to my silly head. In light of finding them on Sarah’s sight, and You Tube, … Continue reading »

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Farmageddon movie release in DC

In case you haven’t caught the buzz about the new documentary on food freedom and small farms, called Farmageddon, Kimberly Hartke, publicist for The Weston A. Price Foundation, wrote a post about it on her blog, Hartke is Online, on Friday. The Weston A. Foundation also did a write up about it for all of … Continue reading »

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The Vegetarian Myth: a video

[bubblecast id=298690 thumbnail=475x375 player=475x375]As a recovered vegetarian/vegan, I can surely comment on this subject with voracity and validity. I avoided meat and all animal products for years before I had my first child. The results of that misconception were apparent when my daughter was born with eczema, teeth that rotted out of her mouth as … Continue reading »

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Obamacare’s most recent hit

Although some might claim that our health care system is a completely different subject than food, I say differently. The health care industry is fed directly by the state of our food supply. If this nation honored the work of Weston A. Price, what might our health care be like? Here’s a brief article discussing … Continue reading »

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Braces: new video from Nourishing Nancy!

This post is part of Real Food Wednesday at Kelly the Kitchen Kop! Here is the newest video of the progress with my Damon clear braces! I’m thrilled with the progress so far and am very happy to share it with everyone. I only wish that I had perfect teeth before hand; braces are really … Continue reading »

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London Weston A. Price Chapter Leader talks revolution!

Philip Ridley, chapter leader of Weston A. Price, London, contacted me a few months ago with hopes of spreading the news about the Wise Traditions Conference in London, coming up on March 26, 2011. Apparently, Philip is the reason that London has a conference at all, so I thought I’d get some comments on what … Continue reading »

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Newly discovered fatty acid takes the cheese!

Just in case you didn’t check out facebook yesterday, I thought I’d bring a very interesting new discovery to light: Scientists, at the Harvard School of Public Health, found a new fatty acid called trans-palmitoleic acid in cheese that cuts the chances of getting diabetes by 60%! This fatty acid can be found in all … Continue reading »

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