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REAL Food?

Here's some of that REAL Food I've been yappin' about!

REAL: meaning the real deal, the genuine article, the real mccoy. There’s an awful lot of fake food out there: Foods with additives, chemicals, excitotoxins and just plain “how the heck do you pronounce that” in ‘em. This here’s a site for foods that go that extra mile; in that they’re not only real, natural food ingredients, but that they are prepared, grown, raised and cooked correctly. Snoop around this site awhile and you’ll start gettin’ the idea: Real raw butter, cream and milk–all grass fed, of course; vegetables that have increased nutrients due to fermentation; cultured dairy and soaked grains, seeds and nuts; and nothin’, no ab-so-lute-ly nothin’ lowfat! Ah, now that’s what’s called REAL food!

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