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Tagged With: food freedom

Organic Pastures shut down: framed by California regulators

                        Once again, Organic Pastures has been shut down, due to being framed by California regulators trying to pin E. Coli contamination on the raw dairy. Click here to read full article on event. Organic Pastures has an extremely detailed protocol used to ensure … Continue reading »

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Farmageddon movie release in DC

In case you haven’t caught the buzz about the new documentary on food freedom and small farms, called Farmageddon, Kimberly Hartke, publicist for The Weston A. Price Foundation, wrote a post about it on her blog, Hartke is Online, on Friday. The Weston A. Foundation also did a write up about it for all of … Continue reading »

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Food Bill S510: perhaps our Representatives need a visit from Scrooge’s ghosts

I just read a great article on The Healthy Home Economist that is a resounding trumpet call for many of us bloggers, in these days of impending doom from the effects of Food Bill S510 (now part of HR 2751). We all fear the “what if” regarding our “sacred foods”; the ones we go to … Continue reading »

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Don’t relax yet: Food Bill S510 is back on!

Here’s some info on this crazy bill that threatens to stifle all our efforts at keeping our families healthy: Start phoning those Senators…NOW!!

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Food freedom in a milk container

Today is a day that many of us bloggers are trying to draw attention to the plight of our small farmers: Dairy farmers to be specific. If you’ve read the news of late, you have no doubt heard of a raid or two on dairy farms selling, what has become a food freedom fight: Raw … Continue reading »

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