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The healthy home economist hangs with Weston A. Price

[bubblecast id=301866 thumbnail=475x375 player=475x375]Perhaps these videos, produced by the Weston A. Price Foundation and narrated by our own Healthy Home Economist, Sarah Pope, have been out for a bit, but their intrinsic value and outright amazingness just sunk in to my silly head. In light of finding them on Sarah’s sight, and You Tube, … Continue reading »

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Get Cultured: Body Ecology and Nourished Kitchen join forces!

If there’s a war going on in your digestive tract, then you need to recruit the joint forces of Jenny from the Nourished Kitchen and Donna from Body Ecology! Donna now recommends Jenny’s course to all of her following. Here’s what she had to say:   “Kudos, Jenny! I am thrilled to see the beautiful … Continue reading »

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Can you prove real food is best?

Well, can you? Can you show me numerous studies absolutely proving the superiority of real food: raw grass fed butter, milk and cream; pastured animals and eggs; cultured and raw dairy; fermented fruits and veggies; and wild seafood and organ meats? I not only write for my blog, Nourishing Nancy, I have written for, … Continue reading »

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Smile: photos of braces progress

Alright, if you think I’m completely comfortable sharing these close up photos of my teeth in progress, you might also think I enjoy Hampton’s traffic in July with a broken air conditioner. “Eek”, I believe was my meek expression upon viewing the photos. I am, however, a team player; and our real food team needs … Continue reading »

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Braces: new video from Nourishing Nancy!

This post is part of Real Food Wednesday at Kelly the Kitchen Kop! Here is the newest video of the progress with my Damon clear braces! I’m thrilled with the progress so far and am very happy to share it with everyone. I only wish that I had perfect teeth before hand; braces are really … Continue reading »

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Obamacare declared unconstitutional: REAL food to the rescue!!

Here’s a link to my newest article for, on how REAL food is the best insurance: Hope you’ll check it out!

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