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The Raw Fed Puppy

Buddy Boo Thriller Ohio Piscatello!

Why should humans have all the fun? For Fido’s sake (or Buddy, if we’re talking about my pampered pooch), give him the best: REAL dog food. What do dogs eat? Grain? Veggies? Tofu? No, silly. If you want Fifi to go on to make lots more happy, healthy little Fifi’s, you must give her what makes her genes proliferate properly: MEAT….and only MEAT….and only RAW!

Yup, raw meat with the bones. Wait till you hear Fifi crunch a whole chicken breast in those jaws you denied she has! It’s endorsed by some of the best trainers and breeders in the world. Check out . Vets seem to be split, but most are just salesmen for commercial dog foods, so you can ignore them anyway.

It’s the easiest diet to follow, and, although it costs a bit more, the savings catches up in the vet bill department. Wonder why your Rufus has a tumor at 7 years old or diabetes or countless other “human” type diseases? The stuff they call dog food, isn’t fit for a….dog. I’ll have some links put up about this topic soon, so keep coming back for more about this favorite subject of mine.

2 Responses to The Raw Fed Puppy

  1. Chlo

    I love to hear more about that mom. Its very interesting to me. I love it!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work

    • nourishingnancy

      Hello, special girl! Thanks for visiting. Hopefully someday you will keep your family healthy with REAL food too!

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